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How to choose a suitable shower head for your family?

Mar. 10 , 2018

There are several types of shower heads, and here are the three most common types:

Standard wall-mounted shower head. 

This is the most common type of shower head; with a standard head pointing at an angle and a slightly adjustable neck.

Rain shower head. 

The rain shower head emits a stream that goes directly downward onto the head of the user, mimicking the sensation of rain falling down on you.

Handheld shower head. 

This consists of a 3-6 foot long hose connected to a shower head that lets you have full control of the stream. This type of shower head comes with a mount that also lets it function as a wall-mounted shower head.

For families with varying heights of members, I recommend installing a rain shower head to accommodate all heights (this is also highly recommended for showers with low ceilings).

Families with babies or pets that bathe in the shower or bath tub can be easier to clean with a handheld shower head. However, if you want to go with the most common and economical choice—it’s the standard wall-mounted shower head for you.